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An integrated music management software created by Sony, x-app manages music, photos, videos, and even podcasts. It comes with a transfer function for Sony devices, such as Memory Stick and Sony Walkman, and can be used with a variety of Sony products. The application comes with an intuitive interface and design, so most users should be able to use it with ease. The library offers all the basics, such as fast forward, play, rewind, stop, and volume, but you also have a number of advanced options available, where you can transform music and pictures into amazing movies.
It allows you to create a playlist, as is the case with iTunes, and offers various management functions like ‘Random Channel’, which analyzes whether or not the music has been registered. Another function called ‘Recommended Midnight’ makes music recommendations according to your current situation and mood.
The x-app supports a wide array of formats, which includes WAV, 3GP, MP3, OMA, WMA, JPEG, GIF, XML, MPG, MP4 and so on! When it comes to system requirements, they are on the minimal side, so it does not consume much of the system’s GPU. Due to this, you can expect the application to run flawlessly, without any freezing or hanging.
Overall, whether you are looking to manage your music, photos, video, or even create amazing movies, the x-app has all the offerings you need. So what are you waiting for? You should definitely try the Sony application!


Сравнение альтернативных программ:

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Описание Отслеживайте все изображения на вашем компьютере Скачать Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, версия 23.00 Скачать GSA Photo Manager, версия 1.4.2 Music Manager позволяет загружать музыку в облачное хранилище.
Загрузки 80 0 0 18
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